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The South Florida Afro Pride team is proud to announce we have been chosen as an official beneficiary for the 2023 Florida Aids Walk & Music Festival with @ahfsouth!

Starting today through March 18th, 2023, every dollar raised will be matched by our beneficiary to help bring much-needed resources and services directly into our community. This is an opportunity to make an undeniable impact on some of South Florida's most vulnerable populations Bridging The Gap between Afrocentric LGBTQ+ BIPOC (Black & Indigenous People of Color) communities and privileged communities, but we can not do this alone. We need your help to raise funds, so we are asking that you help us by donating, participating, or simply telling a friend to tell a friend.

Unity is key to success. We look forward to working with you to help strengthen the community together, by celebrating us as one!

To donate, visit More information about the walk and music festival will be coming soon so stay tuned for performers, events, and activities for the 2023 Florida Aids Walk!




Accountability / Racial Equity / Social Justice


Bridging The Gap is a campaign powered by Afro Pride & FAW Music Festival 2023 created to raise funds for health & social service expansion, to formulate teams that will celebrate & walk in solidarity at FAW2023 music festival, and foster accountability, awareness, and action around racial equity and social & economic justice in the most vulnerable LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities in Florida. 


At Afro Pride, we recognize that it is a shared responsibility, burden, and priority of one entire community centering humanity to bridge the gap and reach the community's highest potential.



Accountability / Racial Equity / Social Justice

HIV in LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities of color


Black/African American people account for the highest rates of new HIV Infections compared to other races and ethnicities. In 2018 

  •       1.2 million Black LGBT adults live in the U.S.

  •       36% of Black LGBT are raising children

  •       26% of Black LGBT adults have been diagnosed with Depression

  •       56% of Black LGBT adults are tested for HIV annually while 24% have never been tested for HIV

LGBTQ Youth of Color

  •       LGBTQ youth of color reported higher rates of attempting suicide than their white peers in the past year.

  •       Black transgender and nonbinary youth report disproportionate rates of suicide risk — with 59% seriously considering suicide and more than 1 in 4 (26%) attempting suicide in the past year.

Rejection and a Lack of Social Support & Affirming Spaces

  •      62% of Black Cisgender LGB adults felt connected to the LGBT community while 29% of Black Transgender adults felt connected to their gender-minority community.

  •     A large portion of Black LGBT adults have experienced victimization, including 79% who reported verbal insults or abuse, 60% who reported being threatened with violence, 44% who were physically or sexually                    destruction

These disparities highlight the devastating impacts of historical and

ongoing oppression and trauma inflicted on LGBTQ+ Black, Indigenous, and people

of color. Together we can "Bridge The Gap" and make a difference.



Checks - Afro Pride Federation

Checks Made out to : 

South Florida Afro Pride Federation                                                              

     Afro Pride Federation                                 

   4850 West Oakland Park Blvd  STE# 145 

       Lauderdale, Lakes, FL 33313                         


Checks - Florida AIDS Walk

Mail Checks along with the donation form 

(On Behalf of Afro Pride)

Checks Made out to : 

  1. Florida AIDS Walk 

  2. AIDS Healthcare Foundation




PO BOX 935744

           Atlanta, GA 31193-5744


NOTE: Donations may take up to two weeks to be processed and reflected on team’s fundraising total. Qualifying donations must be processed (not postmarked) by April 30th to qualify for the AHF disbursement to beneficiary organizations

Please contact for assistance.

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South Florida Afro Pride 
Electronic Debit/Check Online 


If you have any questions please contact us at: 
(954) 951-2911

Our Community Partners

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