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Our Mission

Our mission focuses on building health equity and fostering the overall mental, social, & economic wellness of the Black & Afrocentric LGBTQ+ communities including those who love and support them in South Florida

Our programmatic goals are to expand access to effective culturally informed services through research, mental health/substance abuse clinical interventions, HIV prevention, education, & testing, case management, and a safe, diverse, and inclusive platform for community collaboration, cultural & performing arts, advocacy, economic advancement, and an annual Black-led Pride event. Afro Pride Federation aims to provide the essential resources & services that the youth & young adults of the Afrocentric LGBTQ+ BIPOC community need to thrive, feel respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging.


Afro Pride Fedration Inc fosters it's mission through mental health & substance abuse services, STI/HIV prevention & education, and cultural arts programs that include: The annual Afro Pride Music & Cultural Arts Festival, The annual  Pridechella fundraising event, The Afro Pride Youth Initiative,  and The Afro Pride Collective. Exhibits, art installments, and performances are held publically throughout the year. Afro Pride ignites campaigns, fundraisers, charitable events, and resource information across our multiple & international urban community-based social media platforms.

About Us

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To provide a continuum of culturally informed community-based & evidence-based services and resources that address the needs and concerns of the Black, BIPOC, & Afrocentric LGBTQ+ community in an effort to nurture and maintain overall mental, social, and economic wellness.

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Our Vision

The Afro Pride Music & Cultural Arts Festival provides a safe, culturally authenticated & inclusive platform where the Black, BIPOC, & Afrocentric LGBTQ+ community and those who love and support them can celebrate shared cultural norms, feel empowered, included, and have a sense of unity & solidarity while raising awareness about disparities within the community. The Afro Pride  Festival will not only be a display of amazing and extraordinary talents of multi-disciplinary cultural arts, but it will also be a (Celebration of Self-Love, Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion & Equality).

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