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Afro Pride
Fete Ball

Oct 08, 7:00 PM  - 1 AM EDT
Ampersand Studios, 31 NE 17th St, Miami, FL 33132, USA
Ticket Type
Exclusive VIP Table
Ticket Price
Gold Table
Silver Table
To purchase general admission, or one of the tables, please click the link below and let us know what ticket/package you are looking to purchase. We will send an invoice directly to your email in order to purchase.
Early Bird General Admission
Join us for the first official Afro Pride Fete Ball! Featuring DJ Nightwing with his sickening beats and Mother Tabu NINJA as your commentator of the night!

$5000 Cash Prize for the house with the most points & 41 trophies in Total!!!

Categories Include:
OTA Realness (8 trophies) 
Executive Realness $1000 (1 trophy) 
OTA Runway $1000 (9 trophies) 
OTA Performance $1500 (9 trophies) 
Team Face $1000 (2 trophies) 
OTA Bizarre (1 trophy) 
Hands Performance (1 trophy) 
OTA Best Dressed $500 (3 trophies) 

Show off your Sexy Body in Carnival or Caribbean Effect
MF Sex Siren (3 trophies)
~Boys, JR, Senior~
FF Sex Siren (2 trophies)
~FQ, Women's~
FF Body  (2 trophies) 
~FQ, Women's~
MF (2 trophies) 
~Models, Muscular~

 Bring it like you are representing any one of the countries in the Caribbean. 
Do your research and understand the culture you have been chosen to draw your inspiration from. (8 Trophies)
ButchQueen In Drag 
Executive Realness: $1000.00 (1 trophy)

You are the new leader of a new island in the Caribbean and you are having a meeting with potential funders for this year's massive Carnival festival being held in the capital of your new country, as Head of State it is your duty to come up deliver a proposal that will make them invest in your country, will you persuade the funders to finance your new festival or will you make a pitch that land you in a ditch? Why should the funders pick you and your country? Have fun with this category but please put some thought into it.
OTA Performance: $1500.00 (9 trophies)
Carnival is one of the most important seasons or festivals in the Caribbean as its complicated origin is tied to colonialism, religious conversion, and ultimately freedom and celebration. Tonight we are going to celebrate freedom and celebrate ballroom and its history, in an effect inspired by a carnival or festival in the Caribbean come and light the floor and show us why this season of celebrating freedom means everything to you. We want to see feathers, rhinestones, and color!

(BQVF, RWT, Old Way, New Way, Drags, Women, FemQueen, New, Legendary)

OTA Runway: $1000.00 (9 trophies)
Choosing a Caribbean country of your choice, bring out a creative ballroom runway effect only using the colors of or the actual flag of the country you are representing tonight. Please do not forget aside from the effect, your WALK will be doing the talking tonight.

(Small, Tall, Big, AA, Drags, Women, FQ, Legendary)

Team Face: $1000.00 (2 trophies)
The Caribbean National Fete Committee have released a statement that they are actively looking for a new duo to be the face for the promotion of next year's festival, tonight you and your partner are seeking to win the hearts of the judges looking to choose the next CNFC faces, IN A COMPLIMENTING LOOK, sell your mugs and make the judges choose you to book.
Bizarre: (1 trophy)
Using the Caribbean islands' flags bring forth a bizarre look sure to create a frenzy at the festival this year.

Hands Performance (1 trophy) 
The Caribbean National Fete Committee is looking for people to tell stories with their hands, they must have gloves in the color of their nation and they must tell a story sitting down in front of the audience, will your story get you through or will you remain seated in the crowd?
OTA Best Dressed $500 (3 trophies)
You are not with the feathers and the rhinestones and fashion is an everyday lifestyle for you, not just a category. You want to wake it up at the festival tonight in your best pieces, bring it in tow tonight with a Caribbean flag of your choice, don’t forget festivals are colorful, you should be too.

MF vs FF vs New Best Dressed
You’ve been invited to this year's Caribbean Carnival Party Fete Ball 2022. Show off your Sexy Body in Carnival or Caribbean Effect
MF sex siren (3 trophies) 
~Cat Boys , JR , Senior~
FF (2 trophies)
~Fq , Womens~
FF body (2 trophies) 
~Fq, Womens~
MF (2 trophies)
~Models, Muscular~

GRAND PRIZE: $5000 to the house with the most points!!
Fete Ball
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